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Dresden Files RPG Beginnings (Session 1)


As a first post here, I thought I would start with something I knew at least a few people would read: my gaming group!

Since our last tabletop campaign sort of died due to lack of time (mostly on my part).  The previous game was getting a bit routine, and we felt that it was time to change things up.  One of our players, Jeff, had previously played the Dresden Files Role Playing Game (DFRPG) and had told us about it.  Since Shawn had already read some of the books, he decided to act as game master.  Rather than traditional Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder) that focuses more on combat and game mechanics, DFRPG is centered on story telling, and the rest is peripheral. I do not want to go through all of the mechanics, but it is based on the Fate System (PDF is available on their site for Free!). The other players to participate were Victoria, Simon, Elisabeth, and myself.

Session the First:

The first session of DFRPG is traditionally a character and city creation session.  In reality, it has often been the case for us traditional D&D since it takes time for people to make characters, and everyone making them together just makes more sense. Since the location did not really affect our party composition, some of us already had ideas in mind: Jeff wanted to play a stealth-type character, and Victoria wanted to play a True Believer of Justice.  For Elisabeth, who was a complete beginner to tabletop games, we thought a pure mortal might be best to minimize the mechanics.  Simon eventually ended up choosing a White Court Vampire.  Since nobody else wanted to play a wizard, I decided to fill in that slot.


Jeffrey chose to play a Changeling called Jean-Guy d’Hiver. Jean-Guy was once loosely associated with the Winter Court, but had a falling out with them, now trying to avoid them as much as, human..erm changelingly… possible.  He is a part of a gang, and his inhuman speed and toughness along with some stunts make him remarkably stealthy and resilient.  Due to a job where he was hired to steal from the Werewolves of London (English Mafia), there are also some parts of town he tries to avoid when alone.  Lastly, his Mile-wide mischievous streak, is likely to get him and the party into all sorts of trouble.

Victoria chose to play a True Believer in Justice named Sarene Kholin.  Sarene is a journalist – Reporter of Retribution. Her brother was killed under mysterious circumstances and so her personal mission is uncovering the truth behind her brother’s death and apprehending the people responsible.  While her social skills and contacts will certainly prove useful, her need to always deliver the truth is likely to make things more interesting along the way.

Elisabeth chose to play a Pure Mortal called … (I do not recall).  He is an Private Investigator, with an alcohol problem.  Previously a detective for the police, many tragic events in his life led him to prefer to be alone.  His contacts all over the city will be very helpful, but his alcoholism and paranoia combined with his brawling tendencies should mix nicely with the rest of the group.

Simon chose to play a White Court Vampire focusing on awkwardness named.. wait for it.. Adolf Wisemannn (not a typo).  This guidance councillor in a high school is the oddest person you can imagine.  I cannot recall his High Concept, but his motivation revolves around his rejecting the Raith family’s values, leading to his trouble – My wayward son.  While the awkwardness is central to his character concept, I feel like it may cause more problems for us than help.

Finally, I chose to play a Wizard called Xiao Lee Chan.  He is the Last of the Xian, a taoist order of monk-wizards that was eradicated in the not-so-distant past.  As he was taught in his youth, he lead a life of service, where he must help those in need, and defend those who cannot fend for themselves.  In any case, his difficulty in speaking and understanding English will probably cause many important facts to be lost in translation

While the main ideas of the characters were chosen by each player, the game pushes players to create back stories that link the characters together to have some common ground, and a reason to party up later.  This part took a fair amount of time and was not completely finished by the end of the session, but elected to move on to city creation, to complete our characters and interactions at home or in the next adventure.


In our case, Shawn determined that we would be in Paris (oui, oui), where “everyone now mysteriously speaks English.” We spent the rest of the night coming up with places and people that exist in the city.  This ranged from important cultural areas, like the Chaps Elysées and the Eiffel tower to some darker places like the Catacombs.  The groups of people ranged from the Red Court Vampires as well as the White Council to the English mafia (Werewolves of London).  I do not remember most of them, but they will certainly show up at some point in our adventures.


The current state of affairs in Paris is similar to the state of things in the book series, at least as far as I have gotten (book 7 now).  Paris is a battleground for the war between the White Council and the Red Court Vampires.  A recent battle has all but annihilated the presence of the wizards, leaving the city firmly in the control of the vampires.  The supernatural community of Paris will not doubt be more active since there are no wizards around to keep them in check.


This turned out to be a fairly long first post! I was initially going to also add the contents of the first game session, but at this length, I think I will just stop here.  My next post will thus cover the first actual game session that happened last week.

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