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Dresden Files – Betrayed Chapter 3 (Session 4 – Part 1)

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I have not had a chance to do the full write up for the second and third sessions.  As it turns out, it takes a while to write out a session as a narrative; it is much longer, in fact, than it would take to simply write it as a sequence of events.  I thought I would write the more recent ones first, while they were still fresh in my mind.  That being said, I apologize to those that are reading this that are not part of my gaming group, it will make more sense as preceding chapters are written.  Without further ado, here is part 1 of our fourth session of play.  Betrayed – Chapter 3

Since the first session, a wizard named Kent Wilson from the white council charged Xiao with finding the traitor Charles Hugo and eliminating him as a threat. After investigating a few leads, the group found Charles’ diary which led them to a priest that was his spiritual councillor of a sort. After going to the farm where Hugo was hiding and recovering from a ordeal, the group faced him and was convinced that Hugo was in fact innocent. At this point, a group of English mobsters attacked, but was defeated by the stalwart group.

Charles stood examining the extent of damage the house had sustained; there were burn marks across the front of the house, and some chipped paint around one of the windows, but it was nothing a good sanding and paint job could not fix. The others tied up the remaining assailants that had surrendered. Sarene took George by the arm, and dragged him into the farmhouse. In the mean time, Xiao started dressing the wounds of the injured, while Jean-Guy watched them warily, his trusty baseball bat in hand. The rest of the group made sure they were secure, and brought them inside.

“Who hired you?” asked Sarene. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” spat George, now tied to a chair in the middle of the common room. “Why did you even come here? Why would you want to kill this guy?” asked Sarene. “It is nothing personal, we got paid a lot of money to get rid of this guy. We find guy, kill him, get money, that’s all,” said George. “All right then, who paid you to kill this guy?” pressed Sarene. “Now why in the world would I tell you that?” replied George, lifting his hefty chin in defiance. Sarene knew she could not intimidate George into giving her the information she wanted, he was a member of the Wolves of London, after all. On the other hand, her years as an investigative reporter had trained her to be pretty good at making friends, even those that had been enemies moments before. “Look, if you give us the name of the person that hired you, we’ll let you go,” said Sarene, in a low, calm voice. “Is that a threat?” asked George, defiant as ever. “Of course not. I am making you an offer. Just tell us who hired you, and you can be on your way. No harm, no foul,” replied Sarene in a level tone. “Fine. We got hired by a guy named Kent Wilson to either capture Hugo, or take him out ourselves.” finally said George. Xiao lifted his head from bandaging the head of one of the thugs, “Tha the guy tha tol me to find Chaalz”. Jean-Guy’s brow rose, “So not only did he try to get you to find, and possibly eliminate this guy, but he also hired the Mafia? It sounds like this Kent guy is the real traitor.” 

They all looked at each other, and Xiao nodded. “You can all go now,” said Sarene to the prisoners. “You better get started now, ’cause it’ll take you a while to get back to town,” said Sylvestre with a raised eye brow. ‘What do you mean?’ asked George. “Well we can’t take the risk that you’ll go tell Kent what we know, so you are leaving your phones and your keys with us”, replied Sylvestre. “It’ll take us hours to walk back to town!” argued George. “She said we would let you go free, and you are. Now, start waking!” growled Jean-Guy, toying with his bat once more. George and his goons all grumbled and started out the door. “That may come back and bite you in the ass later, you know,” said Charles. “They already hate my guts. Besides, if they’re smart, they’ll just walk to town and phone for a lift,” retorted Jean-Guy. “I’m not sure they’re that smart,” said Adolf.
“Alright, so what’s the plan?” asked Sarene, looking to Xiao. “Ah, we try get Ken come hee. Thi isolate place we kno, we good defen hee” said Xiao. They all took a moment to process what he had just said. “I guess we go to the village to make a phone call then,” said Charles. “We do have a shiny new SUV to test drive,” said Jean-Guy with a grin across his face. “I liked the smaller car,” said Adolf, “It was more… intimate.” The others all looked at him with a sideways glance, brows quirked. They all got into the black SUV and started down the road. They passed a group of men limping on the side of the road that seemed to be quite enraged at their passing.

They arrived in town around midnight, and pulled into the convenient store’s parking lot. The payphone hung on the outside of the building, next to an ice machine that was clearly past its prime. The lights were out in the store, and a sign on the front door indicated that they had already been closed for a several hours. The outside of the store was lit by a single street light on the nearby street. The entire group exited the car and headed towards the pay phone.

Xiao picked up the receiver, inserted a few coins, and dialled the number he had for Kent. “Hello,” answered a voice, the line laden with uneven static. “This Xiao, I find Chalz.” “Good, I want you to bring him to me,” said Kent. “Heya, I pretty sure he dint do it. I sol gaze him an all.” said Xiao. Sarene, Jean-Guy, and Adolf all simultaneously palmed their faces as he spoke. Charles looked at him suspiciously, perhaps expecting some grand plan to come to light in the next few minutes. “Yea, he want to talk. You shou come to faam house an’ we can try to see wha happen,” said Xiao. The static on the line flared for a moment. “I really don’t think that’s a good idea. You need to bring him to me. There is a warehouse at 7, rue Jean-Perrin. Bring him there,” said Kent obstinately. “He not feel safe, it betta you come he,” replied Xiao, trying his best to convince him. “It has to be in Paris, just bring him to the warehouse,” said Kent. “Okay, bye,” said Xiao, hanging up the phone.

“OK, we go home now, sleep. Tomorrow, we go check warehouse and go at night,” said Xiao to the rest of the group. “Isn’t that, you know, a really bad idea?” said Adolf, getting awkwardly close to Xiao as he spoke. Without moving, Xiao turned to Adolf and said: “he dint want to change. We figure it out tomolow, afte we loo at da place.” “He’s right, we are all pretty tired. Anyway, since our genius friend here didn’t actually set up a meeting time, Kent will probably call him back to try to figure out when to meet. He has to be at home to receive that phone call. So we can head back to town, rest up, and tomorrow we’ll check out the warehouse like he said, and see what we’re up against.” “Thas wha I sed,” said Xiao. “Can I talk to you alone, for a second?” asked Charles to Xiao. They both walked out of earshot. “I have to tell you; since the incident with the school bus, my magic has not exactly been at its best. My faith in… myself has been shaken, I can’t do it anymore,” confessed Charles, his head bowed low. “hrm. Thas OK, you still have big sord, chop heads real good,” said Xiao, only vaguely aware of the effort it had taken Charles to say that. “No plobrem, we sti goo,” re-iterated Xiao as he started back towards the SUV. Charles gave him a worried look as Xiao walked away, and then slowly followed. They all got back in the car, and drove back to town.

Sylvestre drove the car with Adolf beside him, while the rest talked in the back. “Charles will need to stay somewhere safe for the night. We have to assume that Kent has a way of tracking us; if he managed to find us at the farmhouse, there are good chances he knows where we live,” said Sarene. “I could stay at the church with pastor Gobelin,” offered Charles. “That’s a good idea. A few of us could stay with you to make sure nothing happens to you during the night,” said Sarene. “I could go along with you,” added Jean-Guy. “I will most definitely not be accompanying you into the church,” said Adolf, half-turning from his front seat with emphasis on the last word. “I sleep alone,” said Sylvestre, in a tone that sounded practised. “I go home to sleep too,” said Xiao. “Kent needs to be able to contact you anyway, so that works out,” said Jean-Guy. They got to town midway through the night, where Charles, Sarene, and Jean-Guy stepped out of the car. Sylvestre, Adolf, and Xiao drove off to their homes.

Charles headed the little group through the main doors of the church. The entire main room was lit with a dim light. The street lights lit up the stained glass windows from the outside, casting a coloured spots throughout. Here and there, settled into the pews, were supplicants, whispering or silently praying for a miracle. A few snores could also be heard, emanating from no visible source, but audibly nearby. The inside of the church was almost identical is during the day, but a keen eye could see that some of the more valuable pieces had been removed.

The group of three headed to the back of the large room, to the small door that led to the church’s private quarters. As Charles made to knock at the door, he noticed the door lay partially open. They exchanged glances, and Jean-Guy said “Wait here, I’m going to go check it out.” He then subtly crouched and quietly stepped through the door. Most of the furniture was still in about the same places as it had been before, but a bit off: a few things had been knocked over, there were some things that had fallen to the floor. There had been a struggle here. He continued exploring the dark apartment, when he came upon a piece of paper taped to a door. It read: “I have the pastor, come find me. -Kent” He straightened, grabbed the note, and headed back to the entrance. “We have a new problem,” said Jean-Guy, as he handed the note to Charles. Charles’ eyes widened as he read the note, and then looked up at the other two “We need to save him.” he declared. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Going right now is a terrible idea, lets follow the original plan, rest up, and check it out tomorrow. Anyway, the only lead we have is that warehouse,” said Jean-Guy. “Yes… right,” said Charles, slowly. “We’ll need a place to stay,” he added, turning to Jean-Guy. Jean-Guy lifted an eyebrow and then himself turned to Sarene. Sarene grimaced, and said “Fine! Lets just go.” They left the church, and hailed a cab to Sarene’s apartment.

While this did not correspond to the end of the game session, it did seem like a logical stopping point for this chapter.  The rest of the session will come as I write it. 

This is the narrative of the first part of the fourth session of our Dresden Files RPG tabletop game.  For more information on the characters and the city, see the blog post from the first session, where they were created.


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