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3 Pet Peeves as a Scientist

Sometimes a movie comes out that represents certain concepts in physics, chemistry, or engineering, and the lay people look on in wonder and ask: “Is that really how it is?” This is about something more subtle than that. This is about the times that most people may not even notice that something is amiss.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge and Drug Research

Just to get this out of the way: No, this is not to declare or show that I am doing the ice bucket challenge. This post is rather about some problems that were brought up about or because of it.

This stemmed from a message that a friend of mine posted on Facebook:


Enough with the lie.
Have you ever heard about ALS ? I did not even know it’s existence before it suddendly became a viral social movement by which people are making a donation and throwing a bucket of ice and water over themselves.

What made it so popular ? I think it has more to do with the “challenge” of doing something a bit special rather than really caring for what is the sickness.
Sure, better give your money for a good cause than a bad one, makes us feel good about ourselves.

Here is an article that helped me to understand how more money injected in the research will not help to eradicate the disease.

Sickness and illness are a business people, at least since pharmaceutical industry became more interested by money making than well being.

Wake UP.

Ice Buckets: NOT the Cure for ALS

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