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Dresden Files Session 2 – Betrayed Chapter 1 – Part 1

To recap the first session, we fleshed out the city of Paris, some of its inhabitant groups, and mostly finished our characters.  Our group consists of Jean-Guy, a stealthy changeling with speed and toughness; Sylvestre Leroy, a gritty private investigator with an alcohol problem; Sarene Kholin, a reporter with desire for retribution; Adolf Wisemannn, the most awkward White Court vampire alive; and Xiao Lee Chan, the only surviving member of an ancient order of monks.

A significant chunk of this session was spent completing the characters. Most of what we had left to do was related to the guest appearances that needed to be done before starting the game.  I feel like this time, we wanted to try to get all of the things done so that we could start the adventure immediately, but next time around, I think we may take our time more.

While this is a tabletop game, the story is written as a narrative.  I will try to capture the events in sufficient detail, while skipping the uninteresting arguments discussions we had during the game (those of you that play these games know what I am talking about).  And so the story begins – Betrayed Chapter 1:

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Dresden Files – Betrayed Chapter 3 (Session 4 – Part 1)

I have not had a chance to do the full write up for the second and third sessions.  As it turns out, it takes a while to write out a session as a narrative; it is much longer, in fact, than it would take to simply write it as a sequence of events.  I thought I would write the more recent ones first, while they were still fresh in my mind.  That being said, I apologize to those that are reading this that are not part of my gaming group, it will make more sense as preceding chapters are written.  Without further ado, here is part 1 of our fourth session of play.  Betrayed – Chapter 3

Since the first session, a wizard named Kent Wilson from the white council charged Xiao with finding the traitor Charles Hugo and eliminating him as a threat. After investigating a few leads, the group found Charles’ diary which led them to a priest that was his spiritual councillor of a sort. After going to the farm where Hugo was hiding and recovering from a ordeal, the group faced him and was convinced that Hugo was in fact innocent. At this point, a group of English mobsters attacked, but was defeated by the stalwart group.

Charles stood examining the extent of damage the house had sustained; there were burn marks across the front of the house, and some chipped paint around one of the windows, but it was nothing a good sanding and paint job could not fix. The others tied up the remaining assailants that had surrendered. Sarene took George by the arm, and dragged him into the farmhouse. In the mean time, Xiao started dressing the wounds of the injured, while Jean-Guy watched them warily, his trusty baseball bat in hand. The rest of the group made sure they were secure, and brought them inside.

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Dresden Files RPG Beginnings (Session 1)

As a first post here, I thought I would start with something I knew at least a few people would read: my gaming group!

Since our last tabletop campaign sort of died due to lack of time (mostly on my part).  The previous game was getting a bit routine, and we felt that it was time to change things up.  One of our players, Jeff, had previously played the Dresden Files Role Playing Game (DFRPG) and had told us about it.  Since Shawn had already read some of the books, he decided to act as game master.  Rather than traditional Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder) that focuses more on combat and game mechanics, DFRPG is centered on story telling, and the rest is peripheral. I do not want to go through all of the mechanics, but it is based on the Fate System (PDF is available on their site for Free!). The other players to participate were Victoria, Simon, Elisabeth, and myself.

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